Book Fundraiser


Purchase one or more of the founder's books on Amazon, and 100% of the profits will be donated to H.E.L.P. But don't stop there! By forwarding the P.R. Release below to family and friends via email or social media, others will have the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon for affordable housing. Just think. If 300 people purchased just three eBooks ($2.99 each/free for Amazon Prime members), and then those 300 asked three others to do the same, after 7 more times using the same geometric sequence, our company would have sold enough eBooks to start the micro-village. The more books the public buys, the less our company will have to depend on investors looking for a high return on their investment.


The bottom line: We want to keep our cottages affordable for those working minimum-wage jobs. Any extra funds our company raises will help in the following areas: lower home prices, down payment assistance and interest rate buydowns for very low-income families, infrastructure costs, site planning, lower HOA fees, more community amenities, and upgrades for appliances, flooring, and blinds.

Help spread the word

Please share this message below with family and friends and encourage them to do the same. You can either copy and paste the text below into your personal email, or download the PDF  by clicking the PDF icon and share in an email.  Thank you for helping spread the word!

If we want a California for All, we have to build housing for all,” said Gov. Newsom in his State of the State Address. “I want to support local governments that do what's right, like Anaheim and Santa Rosa. But there must be accountability for those that don't.” With that message in mind, here is your chance to bring affordable housing to California. Great things can happen when people come together for a cause, and affordable housing is one of those great causes. For about the cost of two Starbucks coffees, 300 needy families in our state will hopefully have a shot at the American Dream. Please join with H.E.L.P. (House, Empower, and Lift People) to support housing that those with minimum wage jobs can afford. Together we can bring financial stability to needy families before they fall prey to homelessness. First, visit the website ( to learn more about our cottage housing development in Nevada County. If you believe in our cause, please purchase one or more books and/or go to the SUPPORT section on our website.  But don't stop there. Get the word out to family and friends. Who knows? Maybe Prospector Village will be the catalyst that spurs other cities to action.


Gratefully yours,


Ken Merdinger

Founder of H.E.L.P.

Readathon 2.png

For kids and adults who love to read, consider participating in the H.E.L.P. Read-a-Thon.  This is a great opportunity to support affordable housing by just doing something you love to do.


How to Participate

1) Download the H.E.L.P. Read-a-Thon form.


2) Find a sponsor (family or friend) to support you.  Have your sponsor pay you an agreed-upon amount for reading your books.  This payment could be by the page or the book.


3) Complete the Read-a-Thon form and have your sponsor sign it.


4) Your sponsor will go online to our Support Menu at to gift the amount you earned. Then he/she will email your Read-a-Thon form as a PDF attachment to


5) Once H.E.L.P. receives your form, your name will be placed on the support level that you have reached.  We will also email you a certificate that verifies your participation.  Please feel free to send in other reading forms when you have read additional books so you can move up to a higher level.  Tell your family and friends about this program.  They'll be excited to see your name, school, or business on the List of Contributors on our website.


Support Levels for H.E.L.P. Read-a-Thon


Placer (10 books read) 


Nugget (20 books read)


Gold Mine (30 books read) 


Bonanza (40 books read)