Lifetime naming rights

If you would like to participate in this fundraiser, please complete the interest form below. Your submission of this form does not obligate you in any way. For business owners or corporations, this would be a great advertising write-off. Just imagine the coverage a feel-good story of this kind will receive from the media. And to make our Lifetime Naming Rights more affordable (which is what H.E.L.P. is all about), please feel free to bid on any of the choices below. Of course, only the highest bona fide bid will be accepted.  (Amount can be paid annually over a 10-year period in equal installments.)


Suggested Bids


Amphitheater - General Store - Swimming Pool   Exercise Room - Dog Park  Playground - Library  Community Garden 

Village Park - Miners Fountain


Cluster Name 

(Example: The Smith family name would become Smithville.)


Community Center 

(Example: Sophie Rodriguez Community Center)


Village Name 

(Examples: Apple Village, Google Village, Amazon Village)