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"What really is needed is more affordable studio apartments of 300 to 400 square feet; one-bedroom units of 400 to 500 square feet, and two-bedroom units of 500 to 600 square feet."

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The Union
Opinion, February 14, 2020
: "Darrel Berkheimer Reversal needed to fix housing crisis"


"HUD is actively looking into the feasibility of using tiny home villages to increase affordable housing stock. They recently commissioned U.C. Berkeley's School of Public Policy—the top-ranked public policy analysis program in the country—to research the issue."

“We need 300 units of low, or very low, income housing by 2019," Phillips said. “That’s what our Housing Element says.
Affordable housing is essential to a vibrant economy and California is, I think, now the most expensive state to live in. So we have some challenges, but it’s a beautiful place to live. … We love the quality of life here in Nevada County, but we do need to discuss creative ways to increase density here.”


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The Union: No easy answers in Nevada County affordable housing dilemma (PODCAST)


"...the medium income for a family of four in Nevada County is $73,500. It adds that “Real estate calculators show that a family with that income, no debt and excellent credit can afford a home topping out at just over $350,000... Obviously, $300,000 homes are still out of range for the huge majority of Grass Valley households, when the real need is many smaller units at lower costs – whether for purchase or rent."


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The Union Opinion | December 7, 2018, "Darrell Berkheimer Columnist: Missing the Targets on Needed Housing"

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Newtown Community Development would like to offer 600 sq. ft. homes.